Search traffic is historically the best web traffic you can hope for.

Running a business or an enterprise with manly goals isn’t a piece of cake. However, it becomes congenial with the right wheel! When you dive into the digital marketing arena, you can’t overlook the essence of SEO. What is it, how is it beneficial, how to practice it, and is it sustainable? Is all that we want to clear at this juncture.  


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) integrates different elements such as keywords, content, images, articulately assembled to drive more traffic and prospects. Now that we are adapting to the new normal, businesses are challenged to join the online sphere. Any business that won’t consider SEO might find it hard to overrun the world wide web competition. 


Let’s get it straight, real SEO is technical and to drive quality results; you require a dedicated team. Expert SEO teams run campaigns, having identified the target audience, right keywords, and business goals. Without SEO, running an enterprise is like a ship without a compass. 


SEO campaigns are an investment majorly because results are realized in the long run. Precisely, the earlier you want to realize quality results, the earlier you start. Take an example I own an XZ company and want to get more clients. In order to win them, I must prove my credibility, authority, and trustworthiness on SERPs. 

Therefore, I will embark on a keyword hunt to rank #1 in my area of specialization (services) plus identifying my target audience. I must make sure that the keywords align with my audience and offer (product or service). When a user finds that my website is ranking first, surely, he or she will opt for my site and services out of the billion websites. Meaning, the job well done! 

How Essential is SEO & Can You Really Do Without It? 

We have different marketing channels, with some being digital and others non-digital. Digital marketing solutions serve both B2B and B2C merchants. By investing in SEO, it offers support to Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, online ads, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). 

Ideally, every marketing campaign becomes more effective when coupled with search engine optimization. Take the instance of online ads. In most cases, consumers partially view product or service ads and then dismiss them. It is generally because they may not be interested in that particular product or service at that time. But when the need arises, they remember that particular ad and then search for it or the product online. SEO plays a big role in issuing your service or products to customers!

Now we are talking about something that sets you a step apart your competitors, and it can be SEO. With SEO, you can remain in rank #1 for several months, and that’s enough to make a difference in your business. When you think that the metrics are going low, then fuel more to retain your position or stay in the first three on SERPs. 

Beyond the SEO facet, we have On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Local SEO that direct customers and prospects to your website. Through link building, amazing content, and Google my Business, you can certainly stay put above your competitors. 

We can’t overlook technological advancements, which means SEO is the future! We now have ‘Alexa’, voice search engines and so on. We have tasted the power of eCommerce; yes, it can conquer every nation, household and lifestyle. It’s worthy to note that a good percentage of consumers survived on online shopping during the lockdown. Studies also indicate how the habit is growing since its convenient, easy, and offers a luxury customer experience. 

So, could we say that your business may not survive without SEO? Well, this thought is in its inception, but for some businesses, it’s clear that they can’t do without SEO.  


Google or other search engines are operated by humans, but do we have a particular company to contact for rankings? Surely, every website would be found in the #1 rank or even stay on the first page for decades. Things like the ‘Core Updates‘ wouldn’t bother us all, but there is a price to pay. 

Good SEO is what it takes to rank, and it pays off with long-term ROI, business growth, and quality leads. Google rankings are authentic and determined by a variety of factors. These include UI design, reliable content, user experience, and smart SEO practices.   

By seeing your website on the first page, it is a clear picture to the visitor that you are worth trusting. Nevertheless, it will take time for your competitors to scrap you from your rank or get close to you. 

The Benefits of SEO

We have seen a variety of market leaders, yes, I mean the big brands that drive the scenes. But what do they really do that your brand can’t do, or what do they possess that you can’t possess? It’s all about tactics. The way you play your game determines the outcomes in the long run. Whether you are a beginner, already existing but shakeable, that all doesn’t matter. SEO can help you introduce or reintroduce your brand and take up your share in the market.  

Don’t get attracted to short-term revenue. That’s a liability in disguise. SEO tasks you to put in lots of effort, but future rewards are incomparable. When compared with email marketing, PPC, or even online display, quality SEO fetches more ROI. In terms of billing, paid acquisition also requires more input than SEO, which makes SEO a better investment. It also helps capture a wider audience with prospects. 

Start-ups and struggling business owners hardly get sleep for a range of reasons. Of course, you have a big way to go if you desire to make it big! Apart from the market leaders like Amazon, Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Microsoft, tactful brand awareness is the way forward.

Link building, keyword optimization, and tactful content creation for the target audience are effective SEO strategies. Interestingly, a digital agency can help you run your SEO campaign effectively and at a cost effective rate. With this, you can surely get some sleep knowing that there is an open funnel to quality leads, prospects, and business growth. 

Workout Hints 

The unprecedented event of COVID-19  has changed perceptions about business operations. As it was priorly a mere trend or even a luxury, millions now consider shopping online for a variety of reasons. 

Studies indicate the overall growth of eCommerce worldwide during the lockdown, and by 2023, it will be valued at 6.5 trillion dollars

29% of shoppers stress that they will never return to retail shops, whereas 43% of shoppers expect to continue shopping online even after the lockdown. 

With that, you can now evaluate the future of your business. Operating a brick and mortar shop alongside an online store is thoughtfully rewarding. Nevertheless, you won’t have to do it alone. SEO’s organic traffic is a free ticket to the global market, brand awareness, customer experience, and incredible ROI. 

Opt to seek the help of an expert digital marketing agency for an SEO campaign that can impact your business goals. 

SEO that Moves the Needle for Yor Business

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