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FED UP wasting your time & money on marketing &
not seeing the results?

We get it!
If you’re like most SME’S you can’t afford a full-time
Marketing Manager, especially in this economy.


Money is tight, but you still need to reach your customers.

Struggling to explain what you sell?

Website not converting?

No effective strategy to generate sales?

Active Installs

Does this sound familiar?

We understand how challenging it is to run your business and try to handle all the marketing as well.

And yet – as you know – in this competitive world, effective marketing is key to success.

You need a way to access “big business” thinking on a small business budget.

You need a trusted advisor on your executive team.

But how?

Don’t do marketing the ineffective way.

0 k

Average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager in Australia

(Source: Seek, 2020)

Save up to 0 %

Have your own senior digital
Virtual Marketing Manager,
work within your business.

You deserve to have a guide that can help get your marketing right without breaking the bank.

They get to know your business, care and are accountable to it just as you are. They are an extension of your business.

We leverage your internal marketing capacity and act as your ongoing strategic digital partner, committed to delivering measurable results in a cost-effective way.

And the best part? If you ever want to bring it all in-house, the processes and skills for day-to-day execution are all set up for you.

You’ll love the diversity. You’ll love their abilities. You’ll love the results!

Unlike an internal hire, your Virtual Marketing Manager comes backed by a multi-skilled team of experts in strategy, digital, creative, social and media.

Your Marketing Manager will drive your business from the inside based on an affordable package that’s made for SMEs.

Employing a senior marketing manager isn’t easy; hard to find, even harder to afford.* Entrust things to an external agency, as an SME you’ll get “little care, even less responsibility”.

A junior just won’t bring the level of advice and leadership you need.

And trying to do it yourself takes too much time and involves too much uncertainty; your marketing ends up sporadic, poorly managed and inadequately optimised. And suppliers can take advantage of you.

It’s a marketing Catch 22.

Now there’s a solution. A hybrid service model that adds real fire-power to your team in a way you can afford.

How we add serious horsepower to your business.

Phase 1

Marketing Blueprint: strategic planning

Good planning isn’t imposed on a business, it’s drawn from within it. Your Marketing Manager works closely with you and collaborates with your team through the critical planning phase.
Here’s how it works:

We develop your Marketing BluePrint, a comprehensive document that provides the necessary foundations of good brand and marketing planning including:

What are we going to say (Brand, messaging and value proposition)
What are we trying the achieve and how will we measure performance (metrics)
Who do we want to talk to (the target market)
Where will we say it (channels we will use)
When will we say it (tactical plan)
What do we need to spend (budget)
Competitive review
Review of current tools, processes and materials

Submission of the plan and discussion.

At the completion of this phase you may choose to continue to work with us or not.

Phase 2

Implementation: delivery of the plan

The marketing plan has identified the appropriate channels, resources, propositions and more. Now it needs to be turned into reality – on time and on budget.

This process is highly variable depending on business needs; it can involve some or all the below:

Manage timelines and budgets to ensure plan is successfully delivered.

Leverage and manage Permission specialist team resources;

  • Brand development
  • Social strategy
  • Search advertising and optimisation
  • Media planning and buying
  • Creative and production
  • Messaging
  • Design
  • Artwork, illustration, photography, retouching etc

Delivery of all approved assets and deliverables to ensure the success of the campaign.

Report, adjust and optimise activity. Staying close to your business performance, responding rapidly and tweaking for success:

  • Weekly WIP meeting – face-to-face and on the phone
  • Monthly monitoring and reporting
  • Quarterly reviews, benchmarking and objective setting
  • Annual plan updates

Clarify Your Message

Make Your Website Work

Drive New Sales


More Hot Leads

More Email Subscribers

More Sales

A Virtual Marketing Manager
allows you to have access to all of these resources
for a fraction of the cost.

Brand Messaging

Website Development

Sales Funnel Development

Copywriting & Content

Social Media Management

Digital Ads

Search Engine Optimisation

Collateral Marketing Media

Get Started with your Virtual Marketing Manager today.

Step 1

Schedule Your Marketing Assessment

Step 2

Develop Your Custom Marketing Package

Step 3

See Early Wins & a Plan for Long-Term Growth
Sit back and relax!

Example Package Tiers

As time is always of the essence, we have included this pricing guide to help keep things quick and simple.

If you would prefer to discuss your unique requirements in more detail, just give us a call.


$ AUD 250.00 +GST Monthly
  • Total of two-hours Zoom consultations a month.
  • We review your current marketing strategy and future business goals.
  • Explore opportunities and which marketing channels you should be focusing on.
  • Minimum of 3 months contract.


$ AUD 997.00 +GST Monthly
  • Dedicated Virtual Marketing Manager
  • 30 minute Onboarding Session
  • Month 1- Development of a Marketing Blueprint and action plan to capitalise on opportunities
  • Development of a Content Management Plan
  • Total of two hours Zoom consultations a month.
  • Access to entire team of specialists
  • 10 hours implementation credit a month 60 days to use credits
  • Minimum of 6 months contract.


$ AUD 1873.00 +GST Monthly
  • Dedicated Virtual Marketing Manager
  • 60 minute Onboarding Session
  • In-depth target market research
  • Development of a Marketing Blueprint and action plan to capitalise on opportunities
  • Development of a Content Management Plan
  • Development of Referral Marketing plan
  • Total of two hours Zoom consultations a month.
  • 20 hours implementation credit a month
  • Access to entire team of specialists 60 days to use credits
  • Minimum of 6 months contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are 30-60 minute sessions designed to walk you through your back office or project management area. We’ll even help you map out what you need to get done so that you hit the ground running with your virtual support team.

Yes. The idea is that you will have a single point of  contact to streamline and delegate accordingly.

Your Virtual Marketing Manager is also responsible for keeping you updated on the work at hand that has been delegated to the rest of the team.

You’ll have access to our project management system which is the central hub for all communication. It also houses your information and resources we need to ensure that your project goes smoothly. We use Trello– and we’ll walk you through how to use this during the onboarding session.

We are marketing and sales systems specialists which means we have web developers, designers and integration experts that can help you design and develop your marketing funnels.

We work predominantly with WordPress but can also work with other web builders such as Squarespace, Shopify, Lead Pages, Clickfunnels, Unbounce, Webinar Jam,Magento and Wix. Feel free to send us a message at support[at]explosionmarketing[dot]comdot]au if you need more information about your specific platform or system.

You’ll instruct your Virtual Marketing Manager and the teamin Trello, your project management area, tagging your designated Virtual Marketing Manager who will help delegate the work and review it before it comes back to you.

We normally help you map out your initial projects during the onboarding session so that you have a thorough understanding of how to instruct your team properly so that all your tasks get done seamlessly.

The 20-hour package is designed for 1-2 campaigns depending on the complexity of what we need to build out for you. Your Virtual Marketing Manager will help you map it out and will be able to give you an estimate once we have all the information or resources.

If you have unused hours, you can reach out in writing to your Virtual Marketing Manager and s/he may be able to extend your hours for you for another 30 days.

Short answer is no.

However, we have Australian copywriters who can help you write according to frameworks and guidelines e.g. for a specific SEO strategy you would like to undertake. We can also help you with website copy, repurposing content e.g. writers go through your videos or blogs to produce different content pieces for various social media platforms as part of an overall marketing campaign.

Absolutely. We can write, post and work according to what you specifically require.

We understanding marketing and sales. We help you coordinate all the moving parts – different resources you need  – so that you don’t have to spend your time managing separate designers, developers and tech specialists.

When we work with you, we are always thinking of ways to make things more efficient so that you can leverage your time and resources. We help you deliver your project – that sales funnel, that membership site, your new online program materials – based on your specifications or processes.

We help free you up so that you can focus on doing only what you can do best and getting the best results from your efforts in your business.