That one-to-one tagline isn’t just about the relationship between you and your customers. It’s about our relationship with you, too. Once we decide to work together, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a digital marketing plan that’s directed at what you’ve set out to accomplish. 

Because as the old saying goes, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.


Step 1 Kickoff Meeting and Analyse

Let's bring your team and our team together to align on goals, timelines, and budgets.

Step 2 Digital Marketing Assessment

Identifying your core audience, comparing what you say and do with what your competitors are doing, and analyzing how your target audience is searching for your products and services.

Step 3 Strategic Plan

Delivery of our deep-dive findings that lay out what we need to do to accomplish your goals.


Step 4 Backend Geekery

Setting up channel-specific campaigns based on your strategic plan.

Step 5 Content Plan

Determining what content we need to create, where it needs to live, and how and when we need to deliver it.

Step 6 Communication Buildout

Creation of automated campaigns, buildout of creative assets, tracking mechanisms, and dashboard development.


Step 7 Testing

Pre-launch checking of geekery to make sure when we hit go, everything is working as planned.

Step 8 Execute All the Things

Multi-channel campaign(s) execution based on your strategic plan.

Step 9 Ceremonial Glass Tinking

Celebrating your launch with the beverage of your choice.


Step 10 Track

Tracking of campaign execution to ensure the results match your goals.

Step 11 Measure

Comparison of what we set out to achieve with what is actually happening.

Step 12 Improve

Honing in on your highest performing channels and allocating your budget to maximize your ROI.