LinkedIn Marketing

Not using LinkedIn could be costing you thousands of dollars a day in sales.

AND you don't need to spend a cent on ads!

Have you been struggling to harness the power of LinkedIn?
Do you feel like your trying to "guidelessly" navigate uncharted terrain, in the dark with an ill equipped pack horse?

You no longer need to feel "guideless."

Fact is...LinkedIn is a powerful professional social network that has long been seen as the "dark horse" of social and influencer marketing."

We guide business owners just like you to drive qualified leads & web traffic with LinkedIn Marketing, leveraging the #1 B2B lead generation platform out there with our proven strategies that drive real world results.  Our proven system get's results time and time again and has generated over hundreds of thousands of dollars in business for our clients. 

LinkedIn is Rich in Unrealised Potential...
It's Time to Tap into the B2B gold mine that is LinkedIn


690 million professionals are on Linkedin, making it the perfect platform for B2B and influencer marketing.

Over 61M LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers and key decision-makers.

It is primarily used by companies in the B2B - rather than B2C - sector, and the social marketing possibilities enabled by the site are a literal gold mine that has long been underestimated.

What if we could help you...

Target your perfect client

With laser-focused business decision maker targeting capabilities, LinkedIn enables granular targeting to find that ideal target buyer and get in front of them.

Get an ROI within weeks

Once your campaign is running, you'll be bringing in qualified B2B leads within weeks not months. Our strategic campaigns are quickly created & launched.

Empower your team

Instead of you or your sales team spending hours trying to chase new leads that may or may not be a fit, we will manage your lead gen, thereby serving up warm leads.

And you don't have to spend a single cent on ads...

Our system works by utilising your personal profile to build real and meaningful connections with your target customer through the messaging system of LinkedIn using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool.

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So this is how we do it...

Define your SMART goals.

Why are you using LinkedIn? Is it to build brand awareness? Lead generation? Recruitment? To build authority? These overarching goals will inform your LinkedIn strategy and help drive results.

Conduct buyer persona research

To develop a successful LinkedIn Ads strategy, we need to clearly define your target audience, also known as your buyer persona. Who are they? What are they interested in? Where are they located? What’s their job title, industry and seniority? LinkedIn provides rich demographic data that enables you to be hyper-targeted with your campaign.

Ready to rain down some LinkedIn leads?


Are you a small business getting started and want to dip your toes in the water? This one's for you.
$ 650 Month
  • Profile Optimisation
  • Custom Personal Profile Background
  • Up to 500 connection requests/month

1. We are one of the few Linkedin Lead gen agencies that offer fully managed campaigns with CRM integration for under $1,000/month. Go ahead and let us know if you find someone else in that category.

2. We also have worked with 600+ companies to create and manage Linkedin lead gen strategies including Forbes coaches, TEDx speakers, and Fortune 500 sales teams. 

3. We are also one of the few agencies in this space that can honestly say we have never had an Account get banned under our watch. 

4. Our team is 100% remote and  Australian based that you truly can trust with something as important as your Linkedin Account. 

5. Our CEO/Founder is one of the top peformers in the marketing/lead gen space having built their business on LinkedIn.

300+ Linkedin accounts managed and ZERO bans. 

Sure we realize that there is an element of risk involved here which is why you should really care about using the most reputable agency that values account safety. 

Just a few of the extra precautions we take include:

1. Using a dedicated IP/Proxy for every single account we manage.

2. Very safe limits on daily activity

3. Monitoring pending requests and withdrawing older pending requests for you

4. Working in interval bursts

5. We work during work hours during YOUR time zone

Execution and Average Results (Professional Package)

 We will send 75 connection requests per day to the target demographic groups with a personalized message.

2 Once connection requests are accepted there will be a series of messages designed to start conversations, build credibility, and gain responses of interest. 

3 Interested responses will be directed to book calls/ fill out forms or directed to any other site you wish for them to be sent to and at that time will be considered a “lead”. We will handle these basic responses from a pre-approved set of replies to guide them through the process. 

4 Leads will be tracked daily into a shareable document and updated to keep track and follow up with potential clients. Information will be recorded including Name, company, position, email address, phone number, and any other information that could be useful

Typical Results:

At a rate of 75  connection requests a day we will be sending up to 1,500  targeted connection requests per month. (Depending on if you have Sales Navigator or not)

On average 25% of these connection requests will be accepted which will add on average 500 new connections per month that meet the criteria of your ideal target client. These connections will be yours to keep and to market to for free through messages and posting content as much desired.

Typically 5%-10% of the new connections added will respond favorably to our messaging sequence which would yield 30-60  monthly leads. 

We consider a lead to be someone that meets the target criteria and expresses some level of interest in the product/service

The average client is booking 15-25 calls a month with our top-performing booking 80+ calls a month

**Note that these estimates are averages and no guarantee of your personal results as every business is different with varying offers, prices, experience, credibility, and in different markets. **