Mediocre leaders think in terms of campaigns. Great leaders think in terms of growth.

Here at Explosion Marketing, we’re obsessed with life long learning. We take training very seriously and spend a lot of time and money on making sure the team knows how to get the most out of any campaign. With the rate of change in digital marketing, you have to accept that what worked yesterday may simply not be good enough for today.

Here are just some of our favourite learning resources, broken into types of learning, we think you’ll get real value from.

Hopefully, more than a few become part of your normal routine and help make you the smartest marketer in the room.

Online courses, certifications and articles

Here’s a bunch of sites which will inform you, train you and even certify you.

  1. We’re a certified partner of these guys and the resources they provide are consistently rated by our team as the best. There are free and paid resources, courses, execution plans, certifications and more.
  2. Insights, stats, tools and trends across a range of industries and platforms. Google also offers valuable, and recognised, certifications on Google Ads, Google Analytics and more.
  3. I’m getting great feedback from the team on a number of the courses and resources from the people at SEMRush.
  4. Awesome articles on all things search.
  5. With a focus on SEO, Moz remains one of the best resources for ongoing SEO learning.
  6. An enormous resource for all things content marketing.
  7. A range of courses and certifications across a range of valuable marketing areas.
  8. Great resource of SEO knowledge and tools.

There are literally dozens of great resources we left off this list. Work out what you want to learn, and find the best resources online that will suit your learning style.


An excellent way to learn while doing other things is to listen to podcasts. Every month, new marketing podcasts are launched by seriously impressive marketers, strategists and entrepreneurs. Turn your commuting time, gym sessions or walks into learning sessions. If you find the right podcasts, it won’t feel like work at all. Here are a few we’re listening to:

  1. Business Lunch with Roland Frasier – This is a marketing and business podcast featuring inspiring guests and thought-provoking conversations.
  2. Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Siu – Short, daily and actionable. Tons of great real-world marketing experience.
  3. Perpetual Traffic – Weekly podcast by the DigitalMarketer team. It’s all about acquiring leads and sales through paid channels.
  4. The Social Media Marketing Podcast – Success stories and expert interviews from leading social media marketing pros.
  5. Marketing Over Coffee – A weekly podcast on classic and new marketing featuring amazing content.


Email can be a drain on productivity, but there are ways to use it to your advantage when it comes to learning. Subscribe to the best of these websites and read their regular curated emails. Here’s a few of our favourites:



To make the most of the time, and the cost, make sure you find a conference that is right for where you are now, what you do and where you want to be. Use your time wisely while there and come back with a small but valuable action list. Here’s five of the best we’ve sent team members to and got our money’s worth:

  1. This annual conference sees 6000+ attendees walk away from 80+ sessions over three days with more actionable marketing smarts than they could ever possibly execute on.
  2. Inbound is hosted by HubSpot and features amazing speakers across marketing and sales. 24,000 people attended this conference last year and for a very good reason. It’s an excellent event with topics of interest and value for everyone.
  3. Mumbrella 360 is Australia’s biggest media and marketing event. There are lots of quality speakers, sessions and masterclasses on a range of topics.
  4. If lead generation is a big part of what you do, then this is a great conference. Billed as the world’s largest performance marketing conference and expo, it won’t disappoint.
  5. Search Marketing Expo has been running events since 2007. With events throughout the year, there are lots of quality options for all.
  6. CXL is a great conference for anyone interested in CRO and experimentation. All the presenters are practitioners. Very high-quality event with a huge number of actionable insights.

Get Started

Some advice in terms of where to start? Browse the list and find a few that work for you in terms of subject matter and delivery style. Then stick to them, apply what you learn and thrive.

If you’d like a chat about marketing, training and how we cope with never-ending change, then get in touch on 0439 558 606. We always love a chat.

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