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Web design is the strategic digital offering of a brand that results in looking good, feeling good and fostering growth.

We aren’t simply pixel pushers that lay out visually stunning websites; our team at Explosion Marketing begins the website development process by delving into deep market research to understand how your consumer audiences engage digital content.

Then using the latest in technology we build custom sites designed to move and convert them.

From the perfect remarketing ad set to laying out complex responsive web designs, Explosion Marketing creates your brand’s “WOW FACTOR” and positions you in the digital space.

Our Website Process is Grounded in

Growth-Driven Design

Traditional Design vs. GDD


          • High risk for both parties
          • Large upfront costs
          • Inefficient
          • Stressful
          • Often runs late or over budget..or both!
          • Results
            • Built on opinions
            • Sits static once done


  • Smarter and safer approach for both parties
  • Launch quickly with iterative improvements
  • Investment spread over time
  • Launch on-time and on-budget
  • Results
    • Data-Driven decisions
    • Continual improvement on what is ACTUALLY needed


Most website developers have it wrong!

Growth-Driven Design is an investment that produces reliable month-over-month growth. Your website becomes stronger as you continue to measure, plan and act.

GDD is built on the framework of the SCRUM agile process and conversion optimisation that blends together marketing strategies that results in a comprehensive and highly effective web design methodology.

Transforming Website Designs

Our 3 Step Growth-Driven Design Process:



Our aim is to develop a fundamental understanding of your audience and how to present an offering that will accomplish their goals.

We start by sending you our design questionnaire where we need your input. Then we have a discovery call to dive deeper into your answers so that we understand fully what’s required to design a stunning, effective and unique custom website design that’s tailored to your business to get you the best results possible.

A well crafted website design that encourages your visitors to take action comprised of these key ingredients:

  •  A design that focuses on building trust and reflects the needs of your audience.
  • A look and feel that represents your brand and appeals to your target market.
  • A design to showcase your content and offers and is designed with the right hierarchy for conversions.


Design and build a site that looks and performs better than what you have currently, but not intended to be the final product.

A well-designed website will connect your visitor with the information they are seeking solves their problem. This doesn’t mean using the same standard layout every time, but thinking through your visitor’s objectives and their needs.

A website must appeal to your visitors & should be unique to your business so it’s memorable. We achieve this by designing:

  • With a color palette, images and brand graphic elements that appeal to your target market.
  • To enhance your message to make it easy to consume with the right flow to entice your visitors to keep reading.
  • To convert visitors into leads & sales by using psychological drivers to position you as the trusted authority in your niche.


With the foundational site running you can collect valuable data that will drive high-impact initiatives to come.

Your marketing spend on your website or app needs to deliver ROI. It deserves more than just a good looking design.

Too many marketing teams are forced to spend more on advertising to increase leads or sales, and not winning. We want to change that.

By observing how your web visitors behave on your website, we can;

  • get inside their heads and learn more about what they love
  • what they hate and
  • maximise your site’s potential

to ensure more web browsers become paying customers.

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WordPress Fluent, Agile and Amplified

WordPress powers more than 50% of the web. It is highly tractile; capable of granting creative coding and new technology implementations meaning it will always stay forefront and current. Our developers are true WordPress Wizards, and we also produce developmental magic within Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento for our eCommerce clients and much, much more.




E-Commerce Shops

We understand eCommerce concepts inside and out.

While there is quite a bit involved, our team simplifies the process of pulling together the product, fulfillment, shipping, communication and brand personality into an easy-to-use, successful online storefront.

ecommerce website
creative font wordpress website development

Creativity plays an essential role in everything we do. Explosion Marketing eats, breathes and sleeps savvy cerativity that converts. Expect top-drawer ideas across Branding, Marketing, Ads, Web Design and more.


Our Creative, Paid Search and SEO teams collaborate to forge sublime marketing solutions for Explosion Marketing clients. We start from scratch pulling together all collateral and existing brand guidelines to catapult the best results across imagery, copy and creative direction.


Most consumers digest with the eyes before reading content. This is why Explosion Marketing regards imagery as the cornerstone of any brand’s presence. A salutary blend of lifestyle and product garners memorable customer experiences. But we don’t stop there. Our Creative team liaisons with internal copywriters and our SEO branch to pair the right images with your textual content. This is where your unified message translates– sure to fire off all synopses within your consumer’s psyche.


Evolving a few design staples can really enliven your brand’s presence and the way consumers identify with it. Explosion Marketing works with clients to offer new rejuvenative creative solutions across all aspects of visual identity. Passion is our fuel, and when we reach the finale, your brand will gleam in the digital landscape, resuscitated by our internal visionary.


Content is salient, and so too is the user interface and its encapsulating elements. Content can be the death of business, or make you reign. It must be well-crafted, triggering emotional queues within your target audience while melting elegantly into your brand’s grain. Explosion Marketing places strict focus on UI, UX and the overall flow that channels positive customer experiences.

Multi Platform Expertise

Working with large client numbers requires the need for the right integrative solutions.

Explosion Marketing strategically carves solutions and pathways
through a range of partners including domain registrars, hosting platforms, inbound marketing, CMS platforms, email marketing and ERP setups for
seamless workable solutions.


Ready to Transform Your Brand and Website?

Get a New, Custom, Branded, High Performance Website