Why do you use DIVI themes exclusively to build clients’ sites?

It’s not that we haven’t developed sites with themes from other developers. We have. Lots of them. Avada, Karma, Thesis, Studio Press … to name a few.

The reasons why we like Divi are:

  • ​Well-engineered on the inside. Solid, clean code “under the hood”. It’s build on a solid framework which powers over 500,000 sites. Seamlessly works with most 3rd-party plugins and integrations.
  • Well-designed on the outside. Divi has some of the most talented designers in the industry creating sites that are both modern & stylish, as well as functional and highly-customizable.
  • Solid company. The digital landscape is constantly changing and you want a company like StudioPress that’s going to be around to support their products and update them when needed. There’s no worse feeling than when a company suddenly goes out of business leaving you high and dry to fend for yourself.
  • Consistency. All WordPress themes are not created equal and theme developers have their own way of doing things such as internal coding and organization of their sites. When you build and support as many client sites as we do, it’s important to have consistency to maintain a smooth and steady workflow. Consistency is also important for quickly answering clients’ questions if they are self-managing their own sites. We want to know exactly where everything is located and how it works. And if we’re ever thrown a curveball, there’s a huge developer community well-versed in Divi themes and the framework.

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