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As consultants and specialists in business sales and marketing based on years of experience successfully growing our own businesses, we know what it takes and we know that you don’t have time or energy to navigate through the hierarchy of a typical marketing agency.

We’re a digital marketing agency that speaks to your customers at the right time with the right content to deliver leads and sales. We are marketing experts passionate about growing businesses. We understand that the most important thing a digital marketing agency can do, is practice what they preach. Bottom line, if we recommend it – we have implemented it. 

From Facebook advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO and SEM, Google Adwords, optimised website design; sales funnels and email marketing mixed with intelligent marketing automation, we know what digital marketing works, and what doesn’t. 

You know your end goal, we find the smartest path to get you there. So if you need to accelerate sales and profits you’re here for the right reasons.

Explosion Marketing offers a full agency service.

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Website Design and Development
  • Sales Funnel Builds
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Media Marketing
  • Copywriting

Inbound Marketing creates awareness and generates leads by attracting users to a website by providing valuable content and in return capturing their contact information. It can also do this based on the stage the potential customer is in their sales lifecycle making it as relevant as possible.

The Proven Methodology For Growing Your Business

In the last few years, the buying experience has changed. People are now researching financial advisers and finance solutions a lot earlier in the buying process. The way people expect to communicate with businesses has changed.

The good news? Inbound marketing is a proven marketing strategy that positions your company in front of your customer. It helps businesses to adapt to their customers changing needs. It enables you to report on your revenue streams and therefore understand ROI.

Using the inbound methodology on HubSpot software, gives you an unfair advantage for growing your business. Your ability to get more customers, to buy more, stay with you for longer, to refer their friends, and promote your business skyrockets.

Find out what makes this strategy the best

What is our ‘Inbound’ Methodology?


Inbound is a methodology connecting ALL of your digital sales, marketing and customer service activities and tactics to grow your business with more of the right traffic and leads, produce and retain more customers and increase ROI. The inbound methodology is composed of three stages (that also happen to represent a customer’s journey) namely : attract, engage (convert and close) and delight. Inbound is about adding value at every stage of the customers journey. From a business perspective, the methodology represents the growth of a business and inbound businesses use the methodology to build trust, credibility, and momentum. Inbound can shape your creative focus to ensure you create quality content and exceptional customer experiences that pull customers towards your organisation and marketing channels by aligning their interests.

The Proven Methodology For Growing Your Business

  • Using our Methodology in Marketing is known as Inbound Marketing. It is important to understand that Inbound applies in a digital sense.
  • In a digital-first wold, traditional or ‘old-school’ marketing (4 P’s, PR, letter-box, print, phone) has become ineffective, it’s expensive and a thing of the past, you could say obsolete.
  • For modern marketers (and modern salesman), control has shifted from the business or brand directly to the customer. Outbound marketing no longer fits into a data-guided wold.
  • For over a decade, Inbound methodology has been combined with emerging modern Marketing techniques, tools and tactics to become a proven and scientific technique regaining control for marketers and catching customers for sales.
  • Modern marketing techniques, tools and tactics include websites, social media, email marketing, content strategy, ppc, seo, video, blogging, crm, lead flows, conversational bots, marketing automation, smart and dynamic content, attribution reporting…the list goes on.
  • Modern marketing and inbound (Inbound Marketing) mould upon some strategic and fundamental elements behind their success namely: deep understand of the target ideal customer or buyer persona, their customer buyer journey and a precise content strategy to present the business solution in the moment they need it most. 
  • The inbound methodology in Marketing is exceptionally effective because it centralises all the elements required to attract new prospects (traffic) to the business, engage (nurture) them personally, yet at scale, and delight them individually.  Image reference: HubSpot Inc.

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Everything you need in one place to grow your business.

As consultants and specialists in business sales and marketing based on years of experience successfully growing our own businesses, we know what it takes and we know that you don’t have time or energy to navigate through the hierarchy of a typical marketing agency.

Whatever you want to achieve, we can help. Our range of digital agency services are tailored to committed SMEs looking to grow.

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