Do you know where your customers are spending time online?

Do you know how people are finding your brand?

Do you know what happens after somebody lands on your site?

Inbound lead generation marketing is about finding the answers to these questions so we can make the biggest possible impact and turn increased traffic into tangible growth for your business.

Why Inbound Lead Generation?

Because you have the perfect solution – your customers just don’t know it yet.

Inbound lead generation marketing makes it easy for people to find you online and interact with your brand. By educating and informing your audience, we can better prepare them to make a purchase while building trust in the process. This doesn’t just mean more customers, it means more long-term customers with a higher lifetime value.

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Attract New Visitors

Inbound lead generation marketing does more than just send traffic to your site – it attracts your “ideal customers” who are most likely to make a purchase. By providing these visitors with valuable, targeted content, we can help them with their buying decisions and increase the chances that they will do business with you, and not your competition. We use the following tactics to attract visitors to your site and nurture them:


Your customers are on social media and so should you. Not only does social media provide a friendly and easy way to communicate with your audience, it gives you a way to share content and spread your brand’s message in a simple, cost-effective manner. Social media gives you a way to establish a personal connection with your customers and build further trust.


Email marketing is the most effective way to drive additional revenue from your customer base. In fact it has the highest ROI of any marketing channel. Our approach to email marketing is simple: we make your customers buy. We do this through the use of personalised product recommendations, interesting content and timely engagement.

We’ve helped clients of all sizes turn email into a profitable marketing channel.


GDD is an ongoing, iterative design process that allows that reduces time-to-launch by focusing on areas that will have the most impact on your business goals. Once the site is launched, we can make improvements to increase functionality without having to do a complete redesign. The GDD process also gives us valuable insight into why and how visitors come to your site.


Blogging is a great way to attract visitors to your site for two main reasons: (1) it creates more pages to be indexed by the search engines and
(2) it gives a visitors a reason to come to – and stay on – your site.
Blogging also has an added bonus of educating and informing your customers which, in turn, creates further trust with your brand.

Converting Leads

Getting qualified visitors to your site is only part of the challenge. Once a visitor has landed on one of your pages, they need to have a clear conversion path if you want to capture their contact info and turn them into a marketing qualified lead.

We use Calls-To-Action (CTAs), landing pages, and smart forms to collect contact information and turn your visitors into marketing qualified leads. Once we have collected enough data, we can begin nurturing these leads until they are ready to speak with your sales team. Our strategy for conversion consists of the following elements: infinite possibilities. endless opportunities.


What We Do

Marketing Automation & Sales Process Set-up and Customization

Our experts will configure your Marketing Automation (email, automation, CRM) solution, analyze and help you segment your lists, and create landing stages, workflows, and quick email templates to help you maximize every lead.  Your leads will automatically flow into the tool’s CRM module (or your preferred CRM tool), be assigned to a person, and finally trigger a sales workflow. Your lead nurturing works for you 24×7 to move your leads through your marketing funnel and grow your business.

Lead generation Set-Up


Training, Support, and Integration

Our Team will setup your Marketing Automation process and provide training making sure your team is able to start using the system quickly, allowing you to start closing more business.  If you prefer, we can help connect the marketing automation tool to your preferred CRM so your leads flow directly into your system and are connected to the email and marketing automation system for ongoing lead nurturing.

Personalised Email Marketing 

Our lead generation services include a powerful email marketing component.  Each contact request will automatically receive a welcome email introducing your value proposition, business reviews and testimonials, and industry trust credentials.  This sets your business, products, and services apart from local competition.  Through a regular email program, you showcase your expertise with every person who’s made an inquiry for your services or products. Your existing leads and referral base will receive regular emails containing your recent articles, videos, and resources providing relevant advice.  And of course, we’ll include a simple call to action for those who are ready to get in touch.


Lead Magnets

Relevant valuable content offers (freebies) strategically placed on your website landing pages will be designed to convince your visitors to give you their email addresses and help you grow your email list.

Getting their email is like any other transaction–if you want their email, you need to offer them something of value in return.  Our job is to convince them to subscribe to your list, an attractive lead magnet is what you need to do so.

If your lead magnet is something people want, you will get their email.

Lead Generation Analytics

We track your leads’ behaviors and interactions with your brand and provide you with an insightful dashboard of their progress through your marketing and sales funnel. We alert you with any unforeseen opportunities or issues right away and meet with you at least once a month to review progress on your lead generation campaigns. This way, you have the peace of mind that your investment is always working for you.

Get Me Started

“We needed to get our website,SEO and Facebook sorted our for Sofitel and the tracking and analytics, and Nyrie delivered as promised in us achieving this for us. Now we can track what we need to and performance is increasing all the time. "
GRANT LEWERS - Marketing Manager, Sheraton Noosa Heads


“Nyrie Roos is an exceptionally talented marketing professional. She has very in-depth knowledge of all aspects of digital marketing and SEO. We are in a highly competitive retail design industry and she consistently delivered on what was promised and increased our client leads. I have no hesitation in recommending Nyrie’s services ."
Gordon Simmonds, Owner, ID Solutions Design


“I engaged Explosion Marketing to develop a new business website. Nyrie Roos was my primary contact. Nyrie guided me clearly through key decisions about my website, answering all my questions and educating me about how the website worked. In the early development stages she would set something up then seek my feedback before adjusting and continuing with the build in a consistent manner. I had a lot of content to be migrated from my old site and there were complications with domain registration. Nyrie dealt with all the technical issues and ensured that my site was up and running by the target deadline. I was impressed with how much work Nyrie and her team did for the cost of site set up. In combination with the ongoing support I feel that I get great value for money from Explosion Marketing and peace of mind about my website ."
Gordon SimmondsMichelle Ockers, Learning & Development Strategist


“Explosion Marketing are a fantastic marketing partner. Nyrie and the team have gone above and beyond in providing recommendations on improving our business and driving additional revenue from the digital space. We have seen an increase in traffic of anything we ever expected and growing. Very happy with the service we have received and they gave us a great kick start to our business including an amazing website from which to launch."
Hank Van der Merwe, CEO, Mastery Global


“I highly recommend Nyrie Roos and the team at Explosion Marketing. Nyrie has the amazing ability to make the complex simple and her outcome-focused approach is refreshing. Her support of my small business growth and website design really has been a game changer."
Amanda Lutvey, CEO, Career Culture Lab


“My team and I worked with Nyrie and her team to have our website redeveloped. Not having done one for a while, we really needed some great guidance. We are delighted with the outcome. Nyrie's greatest attributes are her responsiveness, patience and flexibility."
Dominc Siow, Transformation Strategist, EQ Strategist


“Nyrie helped us get 3432 people to sign up to our database at an average of 80c per click They made sure we got the best use out of our spend and saved us a lot of money while increasing our conversions. "
GRANT LEWERS - Marketing Manager, Kensington Street , Chippendale Sydney


“They delivered an amazing website then took increased my Google Adwords revenue by over 300%, in just the first month. These guys really know their stuff, and you'd be a fool not to engage them."
MICK SMITH, Owner, Northern Rivers Carpet Cleaning


“These guys really know how to take things to a whole other level and they do it with ease and without stress to me. They are like a breath of fresh air and are the “real deal” when it comes to doing what they do best….website design and development, and getting you conversions and business growth."
MANOJ KUMAR, Founder, Sydney, Australia


“I would highly recommend Explosion Marketing to anyone wanting a fast moving and energetic marketing partner."


“My online enquiry and phone calls has increased by over 50% and these clients are targeted, paying customers who want instant results. My company has enjoyed the benefits of greater revenue and more exposure in my niche industry."
CHRIS MCKIRDY, CEO, Importing to Australia – SAC Imports



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