‍Winning Philosophy

If we had a dime for every ClickFunnel or Lead Pages client we repaired, we’d be billionaires.

Our winning recipe is incredibly simple. Conversion centered design from scratch, a frictionless customer shopping experience, and powerful performance optimization.

Our philosophy is to emulate the strongest leaders in your space and find ways to convert higher. Everything we do is data-driven and we guarantee to crush your benchmarks.

Can you imagine a landing Page that TRIPLES your conversions?

Active Installs

More traffic = more customers right? Wrong! Do you find yourself paying for more traffic but seeing the same old under-performing results?

Most businesses want more traffic but what they actually need is more leads and sales.

Traffic is abundant, it’s easily bought, but what benefit is traffic if it never converts? When you know that you can pay $1 and put $5 back in your pocket, you’d be crazy not to do that.

A high performing landing page can help you do just that.

Consider your landing page a 24/7 sales person that doesn’t require commissions, a six figure salary and it won’t take sick days either.

Just like any salesperson, if your website or landing page can’t close the deal then you are leaving money on the table.

Ask yourself, are you spending a tonne of money on paid traffic and getting little or nothing in return? Does it feel like no matter how many visitors you receive, all that is left is eerie silence and an empty inbox? We can help.

We create sales focused customer generating designs that demand attention and convert more of your visitors into red hot paying customers, all without spending a cent more on ad spend!

WARNING: High-converting landing pages can be addictive.

97% of Our Clients Return


Explosion Marketing takes an integrated approach to ensure the customer journey is streamlined and tailored to each individual user. From Google Adwords to awareness-driving social media ads through to remarketing, optimised website content and a powerful landing page that’s built for conversions, we accelerate the buyer’s journey to boost leads.

Multi-funnel strategies are designed to ensure there is consitent messaging throughout. That means that the creative, voice and objectives of every touch-point remains consistent and amplifies your brand. Once we have driven high-quality and valuable leads to your landing page, we use direct response copy and proven best practices that render beautifully on all devices, to ensure your user is taken on a journey that’s relevant to them.

Why We Aren’t Like Other Agencies

There are thousands of digital agencies and counting in Australia, and they are all saying exactly the same thing making it almost impossible to choose. Here’s why you should choose us.

We don’t take a cookie cutter approach; We’re an anti-agency agency so to speak. We work with fewer clients so we have more time to work on your business and so we can grow with you.

We don’t care for vanity metrics; we track leads and sales and speak in your language, so you know exactly how your digital marketing is performing and which channels are generating your revenue.

We won’t take your money if we can’t get results; we’ll only take you onboard after we’ve identified that our services are a good fit for your business, and we know we can achieve your goals.

We don’t need lock in contracts to make you stay; we build long term partnerships with our customers because we get you the results that other agencies simply couldn’t achieve.

We don’t just throw your money to the wind; we are data driven and process obsessed which arms us with the critical information we need to be laser focused on prospects and improve campaign performance.

We won’t put clueless account managers between us and you; you’ll speak directly to marketers that understand and are actively managing your campaigns.

Some of Our Landing Page Designs

Landing page example
Landing page example 2
Landing page example 5

‍Winning Philosophy

If we had a dime for every ClickFunnel or Lead Pages client we repaired, we’d be billionaires.

Our winning recipe is incredibly simple. Conversion centered design from scratch, a frictionless customer shopping experience, and powerful performance optimization.

Our philosophy is to emulate the strongest leaders in your space and find ways to convert higher. Everything we do is data-driven and we guarantee to crush your benchmarks.

We deliver stunning landing pages that get results
because we have a powerful 3 step process:

Step 1

Firstly, we dive deep into the brief to work out the best approach for your new landing page.

We provide you with a comprehensive questionnaire to identify the critical factors that will make your brand stand out. We analyse how to position your business as the leader in your industry and feed hungry customers with the exact information they seek. 

Step 2

Secondly, we wireframe your design to engage visitors.

A well designed landing page needs to guide your visitors
down your page and needs to enhance the copywriting.
This requires carefully thinking through how to entice your visitors to scroll & take action. We achieve this by:

  • Designing to maintain the flow of the copywriting,
    without overpowering it so that your visitors continue to read and scroll.
  • Designing with the right color palette, images, graphics and hierarchy to appeal to your target market.
  • Designing with psychological drivers combined with the right hierarchy to build trust & boost your chance of conversions.


Step 3

Thridly, we take care of all intergrations for tracking and analysing traffic and conversions.

Based on your requirements we can integrate the page with a choice of platforms and technologies. If you are not sure which one to use, we will help you pick the right one without blowing up your budget. We use Unbounce, Leadpages, Instapages, WordPress, Clickfunnels for building pages which you can later split test.

Frequently Asked Questions

– It’s a joint effort from you and us. You need to have helpful content and copywriting that has clarity and clearly explains how you solve your prospect’s problems and display the benefits of your offer.

– We need to create a landing page design that enhances your copywriting, to attract and qualify the right prospect.

– We do this by showcasing your authority, plus we use social proof elements and credibility elements throughout the site using psychological principles that help build trust to influence your visitors to take action and move them through your sales funnel/process.

– We use a color palette and images to appeal to your target market, while designing with layout & hierarchy that is clear & simple to understand and that’s easy for your visitors to take action.

You should know that when you’re working with Explosion Marketing, everything we do for you is fully custom. Using our design team, we design you a high converting website from the ground up, a design that will drive more leads and sales from your existing traffic. Unlike other agencies and web design freelancers, you’re not receiving a “cookie cutter” website that is going to be little more than become a dot point on your business card. We have proven results with our websites and we’ve seen leads and sales increase for our customers by over 150% overnight just by launching their Explosion Marketing site. Imagine launching and a new website and receiving more customers but without paying for anymore traffic, it’s the reason why you should view our sites as an investment, not an expense. We also help you with the copywriting too, making sure that your website conveys all the critical points that will help you to attract and convert the right type of customers for your business and to position you in front of your competition whenever you are compared. Lastly, we also provide complete onpage SEO optimisation which ensures that SEO doesn’t become an expensive afterthought. At the end of the day our websites provide you with everything you need to be successful online while also having a direct impact on your current and future marketing channels.

Here’s a rough guide…

– A ‘Short’ Landing Page Design with 1-2 sections starts at $600

– A ‘Long’ Landing Page Design with 3-4 sections starts at$900

– A ‘Super Long’ Landing Page Design can be in between $1,200 and $1,600

All prices above include three design revisions.  

We can usually design the landing page in around 2 -3 weeks from the time we have the full brief.

The first design will be sent to you within the first week roughly from the time we have the full brief.

Everything we do from a design perspective is fully custom. Our internal design team is highly trained in creating and designing high converting sales driven landing pages. Using our design questionnaire, we will flesh out all the critical information that your customers need to know before they take action. Our websites will ensure that your brand is positioned as a leader and we ensure that you come out in front whenever you’re compared to your competitors. Once the designs are finalised, we then build a custom theme and build your website with WordPress giving you everything you need to manage, maintain and control the content from the moment we launch.

We normally help you map out your initial projects during the onboarding session so that you have a thorough understanding of how to instruct your team properly so that all your tasks get done seamlessly.

Yes, we can design the exit pop-up and upsells, checkout pages, and all associated with your offer if you need us to. Just send the brief and we will send you a quote. We understand how to design all supporting pages to give you the best chance of conversion by removing leakage points and having the right hierarchy and elements for maximum conversions.

We charge upfront and it needs to be paid in full to get us started. We don’t offer to split invoices and here’s why…

We have between 50 & 100 design projects on the go at any given time, so if we had to split the invoices for every client and send the second invoice after the work is completed, we would need to hire a full time bookkeeper, which means we would need to increase our prices. We charge upfront so we can give you our best price.

Yes, with all designs that we create for you, we automatically sign the Intellectual Property rights over to you when paid in full. (All of our designers have signed an designers agreement with Explosion Marketing signing the I.P Rights to Explosion Marketing , so we transfer the rights to you.)