How to Market Your Business on Social Media in 2019

Here are some quick insights into how to approach advertising your brand on
social media.
Now the first thing you need to do is consider the message and the platform that is best for your brand and your business of course.
 You’re ready to go with experimenting with your marketing budget and you’re ready to pull the trigger on this.
But before you do there’s a few things that you need to consider.
I’m just going to talk about Facebook and Instagram today.
So, before you go getting too gung-ho with spending your hard-earned dollars take some time to weigh up the options in front of you.
Let’s just have a bit of a discussion about Facebook and Instagram.
This year has been one of fake news, scandal and executive departures for the social giant that is Facebook as we all know.
Even with the recent changes to the advertising platform, there’s still potential to connect and engage with potential audiences across every stage of your ascension funnel through their offered solutions.
And they’ve got a  whole myriad of really good offered solutions, so I’m sure you can find one that is going to work well and fit well with your business and your business offerings.
In general Facebook and Instagram, a platform that’s also under the Facebook umbrella,  are generally effective for most b2c or business to customer
The targeting potential for awareness based on ads is pretty sophisticated these days in relation to other channels with a high level of laser targeting that you can get into when you’re looking at doing ads on Facebook and Instagram.
 Additionally, they make it easy to build ouT longer-run run campaigns through
 retargeting which really helps to get your business in front of potential customers not only once but multiple times and it builds brand awareness immensely.
So try Facebook and Instagram as your first port of call if you’re offering business b2c.
It can also work for b2b but you have to be very very careful about what you’re doing.
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Nyrie Roos

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Nyrie is a digital marketing consultant, website developer, social media marketer and SEO specialist based in the Tweed Valley and Brisbane. Nyrie enjoys working closely with digital marketing teams and action orientated business owners to implement their digital marketing strategy in a way that’s results-focused, simple and effective.

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