With everyone talking about social media have you ever asked yourself why a social media strategy is important for the business? It really is even more essential to have a solid strategy and plan in place. Are you currently thinking this is all too hard and feeling like you have no direction when it comes to using social media successfully in your business? If so, then read on so you can learn how to start to master your strategy and ROI.

Online Presence

‘Basic as it can sound, social media enables you to have and build your online presence. What this means for you is, that whilst your brand and business may be located in a set geographic location, anyone can get access to you outside of your physical address and your corporate website. Social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram enables you to be present amidst other names making your presence felt effectively through your innovative online brand awareness and marketing activities ” says Nyrie Roos

Innovation & Impression

What exactly is it that governs businesses today when it comes to success and longevity? The answer is ideas and innovation, and being heard. Commonly a corporate website can be limited when it only speaks and tells your brand story on the website and has no social media footprint. Social media engagement allows your brand to speak to your online target market. Furthermore, to be able to stay at the top recall list, eminent brands today work at creating innovative communication strategies like surveys, competitions, interesting blogs, pictures, videos and so on. It really is this constant innovation that produces an enduring impression on your own target market, generates overall goodwill and builds trust and credibility online.

Market Analysis

Whilst we all know we can stare endlessly at completed by complicated bar graphs, facts and figures within the business in terms of information about our target market, you need to translate this practice into a social media strategy. Some great starting strategies include social networking and influencer seeking. For example, if you are in the financial or legal sectors, who are your key influencers that can help others to learn about your business? When you log into your social networking sites you can find interesting updates about your competitors and web-based influencers. Social networking gets updated every hour, every minute the facts you receive listed are real-time. Therefore, you are able to plan your brand’s marketing plan while you scan through what your competition are initiating and influencers are talking about.


By having social profiles you will no longer appear invisible to your online target market. You are your brand personality, so have a strategy and connect with your followers with an ongoing basis. It really is synonymous to owning an interaction with someone you know in the flesh. It really is this connection that actually builds your presence through social networking. If you are sharing the most recent market trends as well as your company updates, this will be reflected in your social brand updates. Also generate interesting posts and innovative polls and quizzes, continuing to share and build your brand in a creative and innovative way.

Social media is a great vehicle and should be a part of your online PR and brand campaigns. Most importantly, it keeps you in public places notice and provides you with relevant news updates to frame your future growth plans.

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Nyrie Roos

Author Nyrie Roos

Nyrie is a digital marketing consultant, website developer, social media marketer and SEO specialist based in the Tweed Valley and Brisbane. Nyrie enjoys working closely with digital marketing teams and action orientated business owners to implement their digital marketing strategy in a way that’s results-focused, simple and effective.

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