What’s The DifferenceBetween Social and Digital Marketing?

What’s The DifferenceBetween Social and Digital Marketing?

Nyrie Roos

Nyrie Roos

Co founder - Growth

Social media has become an integral part of digital marketing for business and digital marketing agencies, but engaging in social media activity alone is not the same as delivering a digital marketing campaign. Although the terms Social Marketing and Digital Marketing are often used interchangeably, they are, in fact, two very different things, and understanding this difference is the key to building a rounded marketing strategy. 

What is social marketing, and why is it different from digital marketing?

The key to understanding the difference between social media marketing and digital marketing is to realize that social media marketing is a component of digital marketing and not a separate thing.

Whereas digital marketing encompasses the use of all digital channels for marketing purposes, social marketing focuses solely on the use of social media alone. 

The key differences between social and digital marketing

Side by side, social media, and digital marketing may have similar goals, but they differ in several core areas, as summarized by the table below. 

Social Marketing Digital Marketing 
Focus  Reaching and engaging with social media users. Reaching a target audience through a number of different channels.
Channels used  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, etc.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, etc. 
Reach  Narrow  Wide 
Speed Fast Slower 


The most apparent difference between social and digital marketing is their focus. Whereas digital marketing has a broad focus, encompassing multiple marketing channels, including social media, social marketing has a much narrower focus, aiming to engage with social media users alone. 

Channels used.

In social media marketing, the marketer uses social media channels to engage with social users. In contrast, during digital marketing, the marketer can use multiple channels, both on and offline, to reach their target audience. Digital marketing can still make use of all of the social media channels. 


The reach of social marketing can vary tremendously, depending on the following of each social platform. Still, it is inevitably limited by the restrictions of the channels themselves and the number of people who use them.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, has a far wider potential reach as it is not confined to the use of social media channels alone and so can make use of more diverse channels with a broader reach. 


Social marketing is one of the most rapid marketing tactics because social media itself has an incredibly engaged audience and a speedy content timeline. The speed of social marketing can work in its favor in instances when brands or businesses want to disseminate information to their followers quickly, but it can also work against them, requiring incredible upkeep and a constant supply of engaging content to stay relevant.

Comparatively, digital marketing often appears much slower than social marketing. This difference is due to some of the marketing channels taking longer to show results.

Which is better – social marketing or digital marketing?

Social media marketing is now widely considered essential for virtually every business or service, allowing them to engage almost instantly with their target audience, customers, and stakeholders. However, it’s important to remember that although social media may be swift, not all channels are created equal, and not all audiences use social media, which is where digital marketing comes in.

Digital marketing allows for the creation of far more diverse integrated digital marketing campaigns, as marketers are not restricted to the use of social media channels alone. An integrated digital marketing campaign can span multiple marketing channels, including social media, to increase your reach and allow marketers to vary your marketing message depending on which audience is likely to see it and their needs.

A typical integrated digital marketing campaign performed by a Chicago digital agency might include:

  • Organic search marketing to improve your organic reach
  • Paid search marketing to ensure that you appear for targeted search results
  • Social media marketing to reach your social media following and target social audience
  • Email marketing to reach your subscribers
  • Content marketing to bring potential online customers to your website

Choosing the right marketing strategy for your business

Here at Explosion Marketing, we are an experienced Australian digital marketing agency specializing in delivering data-driven decisions to help your business grow. Whatever your goals, we have a tribe of creative minds waiting to provide you with insightful strategies, sophisticated design, and impactful digital experience that will allow you to exceed your expectations. To find out more about what we do and how we can help you to choose the right marketing strategy for your business, get in touch with us today by emailing us at support@explosionmarketing.com.au or by giving us a call at 0439 558 606.


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Does Business Branding Matter?

Does Business Branding Matter?

Nyrie Roos

Nyrie Roos

Co founder - Growth

What is branding?

Your brand is much more than a cool logo, it’s how other people perceive your business.

Your brand is the cohesive combination of design, language, storytelling and experience. Together they combine to evoke a feeling – “the vibe” – with your target audience, to influence them to engage with your brand and ultimately buy from you. Whether you’ve thought about it or not, you have a brand.

A strong brand is a congruent tone of voice, design, strategy, people, environments, touch points, ‘call to actions’ and customer care.

Your brand is your promise to solve a problem so always remember to:
• Be consistent
• Be cohesive
• Have clarity


Why care about branding?

With millions of businesses trying to get noticed online and offline, having a strong brand has become crucial to differentiate your business from your competitors.

With this increased competition, products and services can often have limited life cycles, however brands can last for a very long time. Your brand can pivot to meet the market, if managed and designed with longevity in mind.

There is no point having a great product or service if your visual communication fails to connect your visitor with your messaging. Branding is the key tool for connecting all your communication touch points and giving clarity to your offers.

Is branding important for your business?

Many new businesses go to market with an idea, not with a brand.

The idea can be challenging to explain to others. You may think everyone should understand it as you do, but often they don’t, so branding is critical for communicating and connecting your idea with your audience.

When branding is done well, it can…
• Help you stand out from your competition
• Increase the perceived value of your offer
• Connect with your prospects emotionally
• Boost credibility and trust levels
• Have your business be: first in mind
• Motivate customers to buy
• Cement customer loyalty and retention

Ferarri Branding

What’s brand Identity?

Just like your personality makes you unique, your brand identity is the unique tangible personality of your business that sets you apart from your competition.

The appearance of your business matter – brand identity is the visual impression you leave with your customers every time they interact with your brand online or offline.

Visual brand identity is the unified visual design message or visual vocabulary of your brand that needs to communicating effortlessly across all your marketing touch points including: your logo, color palette, typography, imagery, packaging, website, social media, and all other visual elements in your business.

These visual cues are designed to clearly communicate your brands values and they can subconsciously affect how your customers views your business from your relevance, to your perceived value and your trustworthiness.

Creating your brands visual identity.

Research and strategy comes first, then the design phase comes next, so you need to be clear about your brand’s voice and mission before you create your brands visual identity.

The strategy phase doesn’t need to be a drawn out process. Some of the bigger agencies want you to believe it is so they can justify their high price tag to produce a ‘brand strategy’ document. In my opinion many brand strategy documents are overpriced, overworked multi page documents that are full of buzzwords, fluffy wanker branding jargon and basically stuff that you do NOT need in a small business!

What your designer really need to know…

All your designer really needs to know before they can create the visuals of your brand identity, is the following foundational questions, plus a few others, however these are the main questions:

Describe what your business does and what is the purpose of your brand?
What problem does your brand solve?
Who are your targeting with your brand? (Age, Gender, Profession, Geographic location, Socioeconomic status, Frustrations etc.)
Describe your brand values and what your brand should represent. (Provide 3-5 words for how you want to be remembered.)
Describe the feeling you want to evoke from your target market with your brand.
Describe your objectives for your brand.
Where do you see your brand in 5 years from now?
Answer those questions and your designer should be ready to bring your brand identity to life and translate who you are as a brand into a series of design assets you can use across your products / services and marketing material.

Engage a design team that has a proven track record and can get to the heart of your brand quickly. The right team will create unique visual design solutions that align with your brands values, reflects your brands mission and appeal to your target market.

All of the key branding design elements can eventually take the form of brand style guide. This is a tangible document that will help unify your message on and offline. We will explore this in detail in our next blog post on this 3-part branding series.

Ferarri Branding

What’s in a successful brand Identity? 

A simple logo alone does not make for a strong brand identity. Your brands identity needs to be a series of thoughtfully researched and designed elements that are designed with purpose with the following in mind;

• Be Distinct: Designs that stands out among competitors.
• Be Memorable: Designs with strong visual impact.
• Be Scalable and flexible: Designs that can grow and evolve with the brand.
• Be Cohesive: Design assets that complement each other and are consistent.
• Be Easy to apply: Designs that are clear and easy to use across all marketing touch points.
• Be Authentic: Designs that tells your story and aren’t forced.
• Be Iconic: Create designs that can stand the test of time but can also evolve.

Tips to avoid with branding:

• Don’t give your customers mixed messages with too many design elements that conflict.
• Don’t use too many colors and don’t change colors across different touch points.
• Don’t copy your competitors aesthetics! Be original.
• Don’t lose consistency between online and offline. Send the same visual message at every touch point.

Cheap branding could cost you sales and here’s why…

First impressions matter a lot! You never get a second chance at a first impression!

When people visit your website, they will judge you on how your brand looks and feels. Having an amateur looking brand could make them think that your business is only as good as the way your brand looks, so you could be leaving sales on the table, if you don’t have the right look.

Design matters in everything we do and great design adds value. Design thinking is becoming a major competitive advantage. It’s the one tangible controllable area that can set you apart from your competition. Since design is the first thing people notice online and offline you can’t afford to cut corners.

Great design doesn’t happen in a moment, it’s a process that involves detailed research and constantly evolves, so hire a design professional that has a proven track record and only hire them if you like their folio. If their folio sucks, then there’s a good chance what they create for you will also suck.

Jeff Bezos Quote


Look at branding as an investment in your business, especially when you’re established and making profit.

A lot of businesses pivot over time, so every two years at least, you should ask yourself if your branding is still relevant and congruent with your business and brand’s values. Does it appeal to your target market today?

Killer Tip: Survey your paying customers and ask them what they think of the look of your brand and what it means to them. Then when you change the look of your brand. You can let them know that you listened to them and that influenced the new look.

This is part 1 of a 3 part series on branding.


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Build Your Business Brand

Build Your Business Brand

Nyrie Roos

Nyrie Roos

Co founder - Growth

Build Your Business Brand

Make a Good First, Second and Third Impression

Every business needs a stream of new customers to grow and succeed. So whether your a business that doesn’t have any exisiting customers or a company that has thousands, you will need to get your business out there in a way that favours your brand voice and reaches your target customer.

Explosion Marketing have made over 9 million first impressions within the last year across social, search and email. But what’s important is that we have done it relevantly. With relevancy at the core of our development strategies, we can boost your awareness, so your brand becomes a leader within your industry.

Translate Your Vision Into Branded Communication Sounds Easy, Yet so Many Businesses Get it Wrong

Why? Simply they didn’t get branding basics right from the beginning. This is vital to any new business, product or service. A brand is more than a name and more than a logo. It’s your vision or a philosophy that your audience can identify with. Successful brands do this well and the marketing becomes easy, because the brand ‘sells itself’.

We create cut-through communication strategies with engaging content, resulting in your business slicing through the social media noise and search engine results. Our creative experience and flair powers your brand. Attention-grabbing content entices and motivates your audiences, establishing strong brand recall.

We answer your audience’s queries first and foremost. This positions your brand at the forefront of keyword search results, so your audience comes to you for answers – first.

Looking for a creative partner? Let’s talk.


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