Maximising Your Ecommerce Website Returns for Christmas 2019

We all know that with each holiday season, billions of dollars are poured into shopping for the Christmas season every year, including sales completed on ecommerce websites. Click To Tweet

As a business with an eCommerce website, you want to make sure your marketing strategies are putting your budgeted marketing dollars in the right places, This will give you the best ROI from your website design during the Christmas season, as well as across the year.

4 website design tips to increase sales this holiday season.

1.    Deploy Urgency and Scarcity: Despite what you may be thinking using urgency and scarcity is key when it comes to Christmas season marketing. Buyer awareness of sales deadlines or the threat of stock selling out activates the fear of missing out (FOMO).

During the holiday season, these are real and intensify, especially as Christmas eve starts looming in shoppers’ minds. Shoppers fear that you may be running low on stock because everybody else is buying. So, be sure to use urgency and scarcity messaging in your marketing to remind them that they’d better act now or risk missing out.

2.    Build and Gain Customer Trust Over Your Competitors: Trust is the basis of any online sale. If shoppers don’t trust you with their personal information, they simply won’t take the risk and buy from you. You can build this trust on your eCommerce website by using certified trust seals and badges,. You can display logos of media publications that have covered you and showcasing verified customer reviews. Your customers will feel safer handing over their personal and credit card details once they see other customers have trusted you in the past.

3.    Acknowledge Your Customers Buying Preferences: People are busy and when it comes to the Christmas season life gets even more frantic. Help your customers out by giving custom recommendations based on their viewing or purchase history. There are many ways of doing this with plugins and apps on Shopify and WordPress and they’re definitely worth the investment. Another tip is to curate a holiday gift guide for shoppers according to the interest they have previously shown. That’s a quick and easy way to get specific products in front of previous customers.

4.    Make Sure You Have Wish List Capability: Customers like to save things when they are shopping online. Wish lists enable you to use email or social media retargeting to place products in front of website visitors that they have already shown an interest in buying. Wish lists also make it easy for people to return to your online store and streamline the checkout process. This is smart marketing that maximizes the opportunity for online sales.

The Christmas season, as well as other special times during the year, are a time of massive earning opportunity for any eCommerce or bricks and mortar business.

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