Is it worth the time and effort to develop a marketing plan for my business? Yep, it’s a great question, one our clients are constantly asking us. Truth be told, here’s your answer:

It depends.

While that answer might not thrill you it’s probably the most accurate response to this question.

Every business has their own DNA and some may respond favourably to developing a plan and using the plan to discipline everyday activities.

Others may spend time, energy and money to develop a plan and then resort to tactical manoeuvres that quickly veer off the prescribed path.

Yet others may not have any plan and still manage to hit their numbers.

Work out whether a written plan may help by answering the following questions:

  1. If you had specific goals or strategic objectives – did your marketing efforts significantly contribute to their achievement?
  2. Does your company struggle with determining what the best performance metrics are?
  3. Are your marketing expenditures heavily weighted to a specific area – even though that area is showing declining performance?
  4. Does your company seek marketing performance improvement but is unsure of how to best achieve it?
  5. Are your functional department leaders – for example, sales, marketing and operations – all on the same page as to what marketing performance should be
  6. Would a written plan keep everyone more accountable for results?

If you’re thorough and brutally honest in your answers to these questions, you may find that it makes sense to have a plan.

Because of the pace of change today, shorter is better because the plan has to be revisited and evaluated on a regular basis in order to fine tune it.

If you’d like to talk to us about helping you develop a plan that’s right for your company and will provide the foundation for better marketing performance, contact us today.

We’d be happy to get you started.

Nyrie Roos

Author Nyrie Roos

Nyrie is a digital marketing consultant, website developer, social media marketer and SEO specialist based in the Tweed Valley and Brisbane. Nyrie enjoys working closely with digital marketing teams and action orientated business owners to implement their digital marketing strategy in a way that’s results-focused, simple and effective.

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