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It’s time to discover a simple 3 step method that will help you ignore distractions and make progress on your important work while at the same time training your brain to be more focused on the things that really matter.

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Hey it’s Nyrie Roos here and thanks for joining me here, the place to be to increase your impact, influence and income in business and life you love while Getting Your Business Shift Together.

Now I have a question for, you do you ever have one of those days where it feels like you’re doing a lot of things but by the end of the day you didn’t get anything really important done?

I can relate to this and that’s why today I want to share with you a simple three-step method to making progress on your most important work while at the same time training your brain to be more laser targeted and focused.

We are living in a time when we are allowing our brains to be trained to underperform.

Most of us have been conditioned to checking our phones, our email, live inside our social media accounts and all kinds of other absorbing distractions.

When we get sucked into these non-important vortexes, we are reduce our ability to stay focused and do the deep important work that we’re meant to do in this world, and in our business.

What I’m about to suggest isn’t complicated and it is not time consuming but it will require you to take back control of your time, take back control of your amzingl brain and trust that your world will not immediately fall apart if you don’t immediately respond to every ding or every text message, email or social media message.

If you take these three simple steps and implement them into your day, I promise you’ll not only get more important work done but you’ll start breaking the destructive addictive behaviors that are killing your brain and your feeling of having purposeful work and a life.

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Number one  

Do your creative work first.

A big mistake that’s really easy to make in today’s world is to try and do all the little things and knock them out first and then you have this fantasy that you’re going to have all this time for the big important creative work later in the afternoon.

Have you ever noticed that this rarely, if ever works?

Am I right?

Trying to do all the little things first is a really ineffective idea because when you wake up you have this full tank of cognitive fuel but what many of us forget is that we only have a finite amount of this super powerful cognitive fuel.

Every day and every single time that you make a decision or you resist temptation or exert any kind of self-control you start to drain your cognitive fuel tank.

I want you to think about it kind of like this…

  • Should I answer this email or keep it as unread?
  • Where should I make a reservation for dinner tonight?
  • Oh wow… I have to reschedule that dentist’s appointment
  • I really need a haircut!

You need to take control and decide what you want to use that limited cognitive fuel on.

Something really important and amazing or do you want to blow your daily wad on a bunch of time and energy suckers that don’t really matter.

Number two

Put your entire life on airplane mode.

Don’t try and ignore your phone or ignore the emails or ignore the social messages or whatever else that you have that dings and rings and pops up.

Honestly, it’s simply not going to happen.

Who can ignore and resist temptation through our own being?

So, just eliminate it which means you have to put your entire life on airplane mode.

Turn off all the notifications, close all the tabs, close all the windows, and turn off the apps and especially on your phone.

I suggest just turn your phone off however you to do this, means that you might have to tell your kids and your spouse and your co-workers that for the next xxxx hours that you don’t exist.

Number three

Wherever you’re working you need to remove everything from your immediate environment.

Clear your desk, make it super clean and super clear. No books, no notebooks, no to-do lists. Here’s what I want you to do;

Take out just a blank piece of paper and then just get a big old magic marker and write the one task that you need to work on right now on the piece of paper.

I call this making a “quick shot.”

When you are making your “quick shot”   you have to remember to verbalize it.

Now if you are working on something that is not achievable in one sitting this is not a “quick shot”

If you need to write blog post that is too big and it’s not actionable in one sitting that’s not a “quick shot”   instead you need to use a clear directive verb like this finish the blog post.

Instead you need to break this up into the timed segments (e.g. 30 minute segments) on a separate piece of paper, based on the time that you will need to complete the blog post e.g, 1 “blog”   2 “blog”   3 “blog”

Put these on the wall or right next to you, and then for the next 30 minutes you stay totally focused on completing that one part of the task.

If you find your mind wondering and you start acting like a digital addict looking around for something to click or double tap, guess what? The only thing you’re going to see is this big beautiful one path wonder the “quick shot”

I believe so much in the power of the “quick shot”  that I felt like it deserved its own article and tweetable

Be a rebel answer your creative dreams instead of your text messages, email and social messages.

I would love to hear from you how you went with this three part strategy.

Go test drive your “quick shot” right now.

Leave a comment  below and let me know that one task that you’re going to put on that one piece of paper and remember to say it out loud.

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Nyrie is a digital marketing consultant, website developer, social media marketer and SEO specialist based in the Tweed Valley and Brisbane. Nyrie enjoys working closely with digital marketing teams and action orientated business owners to implement their digital marketing strategy in a way that’s results-focused, simple and effective.

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