Getting Your Business Sh*ft Together

You know what? We love coaching people in the flesh. In fact, it’s how this entire company got started nearly eight years ago. That’s why we’re thrilled to share this new article with you. In this article, we tackle important questions for all of you brave and creative souls including:

All of you that wonder what it takes to succeed in this age of tech.
Those who have faced relentless discrimination and rejection due to the ‘glass ceiling.’
The ponderer’s who wonder  if it’s possible to authentically delegate parts of your personal brand.
Plus, (and yes we saved the best to last) can you really build a successful business if you hate marketing?

This one is a must-read if you ever wish you could ignore the marketing aspect of your business and just be the “creative/ideas person.”

Remember: Getting Your Business Sh*ft Together = Getting Your Sh*ft Together. If your not up to the challenge, skip this one as it may just push you out of your comfort zone. 

If you’re on a journey to transform your life and your business, and you’re finding that your going hard, and that your goals and life haven’t changed, but you’ve found your thoughts are self limiting and sow seeds of doubt in your mind. You may feel that you’re just not able to achieve what it is that your envision, you may feel that people just won’t take you seriously.

Where’s that left you? Feeling stuck?

Well, we have a question for you…when you look at where you are now and where you want to be in terms of focusing on your life goals, if you look inside your heart which one makes you feel more ‘expansive?’ Which one makes you go “Oh my goodness…this is HUGE!”

When you answer this question, is your fear coming from  familiarity and where you’re comfort zone? Are you self limiting soaking in the ‘so-so?’

We understand that the familiar is known and less scary, well at least at this point in your mind. So, what are your possibilities given you know in your heart that this is your ‘truth.’

Let me share a little with you.

We have been in that place where we have been doing multiple things at any given time while we were building our business. Let’s face it, we all need to put bread on the table and pay the bills.

We built it from the ground up, and we were learning and understanding how to do this, while juggling everything all at once. I knew consciously that none of them would grow big if I wasn’t focused just on one thing. But I wasn’t ready. If this is where you’re at let me give you a word of advice. What if you give yourself permission to go full on in the area of your life that will help you build your finances, because taking care of the finances is one of the most important things we can do for our long term health, our happiness and our ability to serve others…it’s vital!

In the meantime you can start developing what you need to achieve that long term goal, and putting in place what you need to do this. You don’t need to go at it all at once, you just need to start. Once you do this then you can start transitioning yourself from 20% goal focus to 40% focus until your 100% goal focused. You’ll know when you’re reachthat tipping point and you’re ready to execute for transition 100%. This will help you mitigate risk and keep you financially secure.

A lot of people see things in black and white. Some people work best this way, burning all the bridges behind them. And that’s ok…personally I like transitions, I like to do things gradually and maintain my sense of financial security. This means working longer and harder cause I have different balls I am juggling, but it also means I have more jet fuel to take off with.

This is how we have developed our signature program (alongside being a digital agency) called Getting Your Business Sh*ft Together. It’s actually the bringing together of the best of other programs we have designed, run and delivered from SME’s to Corporate.

After completing our beta testing…We’re planning our launch! So if you have a BIG goal please share with us cause we’d love to hear what it is and where you’re at with it.


Nyrie Roos

You deserve a business and life that you love.

P.S. Before we forget, if you’d like to have a look at Getting Your Business Sh*ft Together  and get on the notification launch list you can check it out here. Enjoy!

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