Knock-Em Dead…Irresistible Offers!

Knock-Em Dead…Irresistible Offers!

Next time you’re flicking through your local newspaper, take a good hard look at the ads. And notice how many of them give you a compelling reason to pick up the phone and get in touch with them now. You’ll need to look closely because…


But why is a powerful offer so important?

Listen: People will only give your ad a few seconds. If you’re lucky enough to catch them with a strong headline… then they’ll
read your ad… but if they get to the end of it and there’s not a dynamite offer to knock their socks off, they’ll turn over to
the next page… and your opportunity is gone… FOREVER.

You need to apply offers differently based on the type of business you operate…

1. A service business with a high value product (solicitor, accountant, real estate agent, dentist, financial planner, builder could
offer a FREE REPORT of some sort. Here’s some examples:

Free Report Reveals How To Make Your Assets As Secure As Fort Knox And Deter Any Scumbag From Taking Everything You’ve Got (Solicitor)

Free Report Reveals How To Sell Your Home Faster And For A Higher Price (Real Estate agent – for generating listings)

Free Report Reveals How To Secure Your Future And Financial Plans That Practically Keep Your Assets Safe While You Sleep. (Financial Planner)

Free Report Reveals How To Get and Keep the Greatest Smile Without it Costing You a Fortune (Dentists – for generating patients)

Free Report Reveals How To Keep Yourself Out of the Doctors Office and Fighting Fit Naturally (Pharmacist)

Free Report Reveals What to Ask Your Builder, Before You Hire Them To Avoid Variation Overruns That Will Bankrupt Your New Build (Builder agent – for generating listings)

Get the idea?

2. A business which has products which customers keep buying over and over again (e.g. ice cream shop, grocer, restaurant, pharmacist, hairdresser etc) would approach things a little differently.
Here’s some examples:

How to Put Money Back in Your Pocket Everytime You Visit Our Pharmacy…ask us about our loyalty program.

Anyone who says there’s no such thing as a Free Lunch hasn’t read this letter.

Free Ice Cream… simply present this offer in our store before (date) to collect yours.

Free Haircut to introduce you to our new salon.

Now you may well wonder… how can I make any money by giving everything away for FREE. Which is the exact question I am going
to answer in our next email.

So pay careful attention to the next one… because once you ‘really get’ this principle it could change your business life.


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