Where Business Strategy Flows, Business Grows

Where Business Strategy Flows, Business Grows

“Having a business without strategy, is like throwing mud at a wall and hoping something sticks…

Are you riding this rollercoaster!”

Actually, the real question is, do you have a strategy that delivers automated, targeted and relevant traffic that converts into sales for you? That’s the whole point of your business and market presence… right? To make some sales in the background while you’re doing what you do best and were trained to do. Be that running a Pharmacy, a Financial Planning business, a Dental Practice, a Physio Practice…whatever it is.

First things first…you need to start with a unique strategy that is individualized for your goals, and your business. Once you have this, then you can move forward with the next steps in this article.

Right now, the cheapest traffic you can send to your business is gained by talking to people and hoping they remember to come back and visit your website and online presence. I figure you can reach about 8 people a day in person, maybe you can cold call more from the yellow pages, maybe you can do talks to a group of people every now and then. It takes time and a lot of effort but it is free and thus the cheapest. Assuming your time’s worth nothing of course and after all…you don’t even know that they are your customers or that they are “qualified” customers.

Where Trageted Traffic Flows, Business Grows

What if I said, there are business owners out there reaching 100’s of thousands people and sending them to their site for around 8cents a visitor? I’m talking about something that is the same as to you standing in the middle of the biggest stadium that exists, right in the middle and everyone seeing and hearing your message, with their phones in their hands and, you only pay if they visit your website.

But not just anyone…these are all one of you target market avatar.

Imagine if your staff were standing at the entry, analysing everyone who approached and only let people into the stadium if they’re exactly the same as your customers, so the whole place is filled with people who are most likely to buy from you. They are pretty well “qualified” leads.

Imagine even further, that you can tag everyone who does visit and continue communicating with them without needing their email address.

They just have to set foot on your website. Sound too good to be real?

This Is Real and It’s called Social Media Pay per Click (PPC).

Have you heard of it? Do you stand firmly in your belief that you dislike it? Well that doesn’t matter, because a lot of your target market has it, they love it, and that’s where they’re hanging out to the tune of 1 Billion daily active users. So even if you don’t use it, your prospective customers do, and you really need to have a presence there. Period.

But who has the time or energy to think of 3 things to post every day to add to the noise? Not me and not you, I’d hazard a guess. Even if you did, Facebook changed the rules a long time ago to say that they won’t show your posts to just anyone, unless you pay for it.

But before you lose your cool about it being a cost of doing business now, remember emails aren’t free either. You have to pay for a system to send them each month. Not that anyone reads emails anymore either, even if they do get through the filters. Let’s face it, most people’s inboxes are like a bad nightmare.

What you might not know is that Facebook is still in the golden age when it come to cost. Remember when Google clicks were 5c each? Now they’re like $7 or often, even more. Done right, Facebook ad campaigns are still very cheap. Ridiculously cheap. You can attract and nurture a person twice for less than the cost of a postage stamp.

So for promoting your website and what you offer, social media PPC can be the cheapest and best way to say you’re open for business without being chained to your computer. Don’t discount Google Adwords though, it’s all about planning and strategy…identifying the mix that will give you the greatest ROI AND not applying a “cookie cutter” approach to your business.

The Problem

There is a catch (of course). Learning social media PPC takes time and effort and when you finally get it, it changes drastically. It’s a full time job. Plus if you’re not efficient at it, you can blow through your cash really easily and still be no closer to your objective.

“I’ll just boost some posts,” “I’ll set up an ad on LinkedIn,” “I’ll get started getting leads on Instagram,” and so it goes on… You can, but unless you have the plan and strategy covered first, and you know what you’re doing, that’s the shortcut to suck you dry. Would you jump in a plane and just start flying expecting to take off and land it safely?

What you really need to do is to outsource the grunt work to someone else who knows what they’re doing for less than the cost of doing it yourself, if you’re smart. Does it really make sense to burn up your cash and time?

The Solution

Find a team, like us, of trained advertising experts whose job it is to send quality traffic to you, but that’s not where it ends. They need to have the ability to:

  • Attract relevant prospects who want to share your message with their friends
  • Collect everyone who visits your whole website and specific pages
  • Increase your page fans with people likely to buy from you (not just for the numbers)
  • Nurture people who are interested in you
  • Train your social media PPC campaigns into targeting your perfect leads so the longer it runs for the better it gets
  • Analyse your current clients and find people who look like them to within close or 1% similarity
  • Create a list of people without needing their email addresses
  • Convert people into sales, leads, bums on seats, whatever your objective is

How It Works

You need to build a series of “recipes” that can be followed.

You can choose from:

  • Generating leads
  • Sell an event (anything that people turn up to, eg live, webinars, seminars)
  • Sell a product
  • Sell a service

Each recipe has a list of marketing assets or “ingredients” that you’re going to need. For example:

  • Blog post urls
  • Landing pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Social media accounts
  • Social media pages
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Ecommerce pages
  • Anywhere you want us to deliver people

You then make a social media post out of the ingredients and deliver it to your target market. Then, keep an eye on it too and make sure it’s being monitored.

If you want to add anything extra to the recipe or need to fill in the gaps, just let us know.

About Nyrie Roos

As an ex-Corporate Health Leader who was born in Australia, has a background in successful business startups, has a Masters in Business Administration.

Nyrie has a strong reputation for being Australia’s leading expert on contemporary sales and marketing strategies for business, and mentors and coaches clients in developing profit and growth generating business strategies. He has presented to thousands of business owners and marketers both nationally and internationally on the power of getting the foundations right in their business first and then growing their business as an asset for their future.

Nyrie Roos is the founder of Success Stream and Explosion Marketing, a mother, wife, health conscious, speaker, presenter and Christian.
Nyrie is passionate about sharing her firsthand knowledge of how to harness the true potential of business growth via events, masterclasses and workshops. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk – daily. She actively reviews Client campaigns every day and her clients constantly generate 3 to 10 times return on investment developing, implementing and scaling strategies.


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