Is This Your Achilles Heel in Your Practice?

Is This Your Achilles Heel in Your Practice?

These days everyone is obsessed about being popular, how many likes they get on social media for their business or practice, how big their database email list is, etc.

Doesn’t make one iota of difference unless you have a plan and engaged potential and new customers flowing through.

Personally, I prefer to be profitable. What about you in your practice, be that as a physio, naturopath, integrated medicine practitioner etc…whatever business you are in.

What do I mean by that?

Well, here’s the bottom line.

Almost every business has a top 20% range of customers that delivers 80% of their profits. That’s a fact!

It’s the well-known Pareto principle.

And in reality, they are the only ones who matter.

So instead of trying to get the most clients…retain clients so they keep coming back for more services.

Turn the tables…

Zig when everyone is zagging…

Our maneuver your competition…

And build a business to cater to the BEST customers or patients.

Your ultimate dream customers and patients…the customers or patients who are the best fit for you and the business you want.

Is this an Achilles Heal in your practice or business?

How do you do this?

Well… you ask three questions.

You dig inside your best customers’ heads and then you tactical apply the answers in your messaging to potential new clients.

And you then completely reposition your offering so not only do your best customers want to see you, buy more from you and keep coming back…

You begin attracting more of your BEST customers, who are worth several times more than the customers you’re probably attracting right now.

It’s about refining and re positioning your business or practice.

Sound easy enough? Well it can be, however get it wrong and your business suffers…and unfortunately this flows on.

It’s the good old ripple effect.

Ok…that being said, are you ready to go it alone on this or do you need a little direction and help?

If you would like a hand with doing this and a bit of a kick start in revolutionising your business? Just click on the image below and book a FREE strategy session…it’s 100% FREE…so what have you got to lose?

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