10 Powerful Stories to Get More Customers

10 Powerful Stories to Get More Customers

Remember, as a child lying in bed and listening to stories?
Remember how engaged you were. Remember how you never got bored of them and always wanted to learn more.

Well, there’s a good reason why… and here’s how what you learnt as a young child could help you attract, and keep more customers…

Metaphors and stories have proven to be a powerful way of influencing other people. They are also extremely interesting to your potential customer, and connect with a deeper part of the human psyche.

Here’s 10 of the most powerful types of sales stories you can incorporate into your ads, sales letters, and any other part of your direct marketing whether that be on or offline…

1. Introductory Stories: These are stories about who you are, why you’re writing to them, and how you have assisted other people and/or businesses.

This is a perfect way to connect with your target audience and generate rapport. Reveal something personal about yourself within the story… and establish credibility and trust. We call it part of your indoctrination series…people want to know more about you as a person and professional, and what makes you tick.

2. Stories Which Overcome Fears: Everyone has fears of some type.
Identify the greatest fears and concerns your customer has. And then show how other people… just like them… who had the same concerns… overcame them, and discovered there was nothing to worry about. This could be fear of not having enough money to retire, fear of not having enough invested in the right areas

If you’re selling a financial services product, the client may be concerned it will not work for them. Tell the story of somebody else who felt the same and where they are now. Perhaps incorporate this structure within one of your testimonials. And use graphs and charts…people are visual. They say a “picture paints a thousand words” so use this!

This is a classic “Feel… Felt… Found” approach. I understand how you feel. My previous customer used to feel the same way. His experience now is…

3. Ego-Enhancing Stories: This type of story shows how people respect and look up to people who use your services, or own your product.

For example, if you were selling a Mercedes Benz… you could talk about a guy who bought one recently and how his colleagues, family and friends were so impressed.

If you were selling financial security…you could talk about a guy who had their portfolio developed and managed by you recently and how his colleagues, family and friends were so impressed.

4. Attention Grabbing Stories: These are used to get people to focus on you, your services, your products and how you can benefit them. They explain why your customer should sit up and listen to you… right now. And why YOU should be the obvious choice in the industry.

Here’s an example from a sales letter from a company called “The Supper Club…”

“How can I get in on this deal?”

The question was posed by a Daily Reckoning reader who was referring to a deal we mentioned. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a stock. It was a private deal. And it was too late to get in anyway.

But it’s why I’m writing you this article.

5. Product Information Stories: Don’t just list the features & benefits of your product or service. Tell a story which integrates this information.

6. Improved Productivity Stories: Outline exactly how your services and/or products have assisted companies to increase their profits, become more efficient, increase output and reduce down time.

Tell a before and after story of one of your customers. You’ll never guess how much (other customers) business has changed since they started working with us…

7. Family Togetherness Stories: This type of story demonstrates how your product or services has caused families to come together and feel safe and secure for the future.

8. Money Stories: The idea here is to show people how your product or service will save or make money for your customers.

For example, if you’re a mortgage broker, give a case study of a past customer… and how much money they have saved through swapping over to you.

If you’re a financial adviser company, give an example of how you helped one person get out of a financial rabbit hole and have enough money to send their children to private school, take holidays, and secure their retirement with lifestyle attached!

If you’re an accountant, reflect on how you helped a specific customer save thousands of dollars on tax last year… because you’re up to date on all the tax changes.

9 Security Stories: This is a prime example of how you would go about selling any policy, such as insurance. Tell a story about how your products have allowed your customers to sleep safely, and with peace of mind.

This could be used in the financial investment, financial advisers, mortgage and insurance industries, alarms, people selling trusts, pest and termite controllers, safe cars like Volvos, dental and health plans… or any industry where people buy to feel more secure.

At the same time, it could be used for anybody who helps people to make more money… or ensures reliability. For instance, even us…a direct marketing and consulting company in explaining how safe one of our clients feels about their business with all the extra income being generated.

10. Closing Stories: Stories can be used here to close the sale and sum up all the benefits you have to offer.

What stories could you use to promote your business?

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