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Why Marketing?

Marketing and innovation are what produce results.

The purpose of any business is to create a customer, and a business’s two main functions should focus on marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation are what produce results; everything else is expenses.

The role of marketing is to attract a customer into the business’s radar. The role of innovation is to create new and solution based products or services that the customer either wants or needs.

Here’s How True Marketing Works…

The goal of any marketing campaign whether short or long term should be to turn a lead into a prospect, then convert that prospect into a customer.

This is achieved in the following way… A future or ‘potential’ customer of a business always begins as a lead. A lead is someone who has not yet given you permission to interact with or engage them. They form the beginning of the sales phase.

Once a lead grants you permission to contact them, regardless of the type of contact used, they become a prospect. In other words, prospects are simply leads that show an interest to buy your product or service.

The effective way to convert leads into prospects and customers. Although marketing can and should target existing customers for return business, marketing is commonly focused on attracting prospects. This begins by raising awareness to leads first, then exciting interest in the product or service.

Once interest has been raised, the next segment of the phase is to create desire for the particular offer being made. When desire has been created, the final step is to encourage the prospect to take action to buy the product or service.

All marketing campaigns should follow this proven funnel to maximise their marketing results. Due to the fact that customers make decisions quickly, relocate often, and shift their loyalty easily, the most effective and attractive marketing strategies should be used to convert more prospects into customers and retain ‘existing customers’ as much as possible.

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