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I would like to thank you Nyrie and all of her team for ther patience in putting up with me over the last five months to get my book “The Magic Of Written Goals” completed for publishing and the successful launch on Amazon. Just couldn’t believe we got to best seller status with 48 hours and No.1 in Business Mentoring & Coaching category. Looking forward to a continued working relationship to achieve both our marketing goals.

Kim Broemer
Entreprenuer and Consultant
Perth, Western Australia

pAT sKALSKYI have had the pleasure of working with Nyrie of Explosion Marketing over the last six months.  Each of my interactions with her have been excellent – she is great to deal with, proactive, and helped me accomplish what I set out to. She has a delightful way about her she is calm and a good listener. Her ideas are good and she always goes beyond the call of duty to help get what you need.  I would highly recommend Nyrie to anyone wanting a fast moving and energetic marketing partner.

Pat Skalsky
Director – Executive Coach, Altus Q
sydney, Australia


About 8 months ago I made the decision to have a professional company take care of all my web page performance and my company advertising. Honestly at the time I had very limited funds to spare…..but now almost 8 months later my business has expanded in a most elegant, seamless progressive way. My online enquiry and phone calls has increased by over 50% and these clients are targeted, paying customers who want instant results. My company has enjoyed the benefits of greater revenue and more exposure in my niche industry. Having a professional team to take care of my advertising has given me the freedom to focus my attention on my customers, I am receiving more and more joyful testimonials than ever before! The initial cost and monthly fees thereafter are a very small percentage of the benefits my company, my customers and I have received. I can recommend Nyrie and her team, they have provided a me wholistic service on all levels of my company exposure and advertising. Well done team!!

Ms Chris Mckirdy
Director, Licensed Customs Broker
SAC Import Clearance Pty Ltd


I have been working with the team at Explosion Marketing in launching my company Zura Designs. Zura designs specialises in our own unique designer label of designer sportswear and accessories and has a global market. The team at Explosion Marketing have taken the time to spend with me in developing a unique and specific targeted marketing campaign. They have stepped me through every phase of the process right through from concept, lead funnel development, product development, lead generation, sales conversion, website design optimisation to implementation and onto ongoing management.

Not only have they partnered with me in developing Zura’s brand and positioning in the marketplace, but they have taken the reins in making sure this comes to life and gets people coming through the Zura business doors. The work they are doing includes both my online and offline strategies, and most importantly overseeing everything to make sure that it all comes together.

They are genuine in what they say and they over deliver on what they promise to. They have always had time for me, have listened to me and have been open in advising me when they think I am getting a bit of track with what I am wanting to do in my marketing for Zura. They promise results and they deliver on what they promise. Zura will be working with the team at Explosion Marketing as my business continues to grow and expand.

These guys really know how to take things to a whole other level and they do it with ease and without stress to me. They are like a breath of fresh air and are the “real deal” when it comes to doing what they do best….getting you conversions and business growth.

  • The Importance We Place on Feedback From Our Clients 100%
  • How Committed We Are to Meeting Our Clients Expectations 100%
  • Our Commitment to Delivering on What we Say We Will 100%
  • The Value We Place on Achieving Great Outcomes For Our Clients 100%


I can see great improvement in my business and brand by writing & publishing my book Soil Dead or Alive, people have more confidence in dealing with me when they have read my book or even when they know I have published a book, so I think it is important to get your knowledge out there and people will recognise you.

I also want to say that Nyrie and the team at Explosion Markets have really helped me not only setting up my website and giving it a Professional look but guided me into my specialty so I am not drowning in too many modalities and specialising in one or two modalities rather than 9 or 10 has helped my business and my stress levels; thank you Team!

Tony Boutros
Healthy Organics


I have retained Nyrie and the team for assistance with the creation and publication of three books and have had a wonderful experience. Throughout, we enjoyed a positive, fruitful collaboration with results I am proud of. They have each been professional, courteous, willing listeners, and contributed to a result greater than each of us might have created on our own. It is clear they appreciate my own expertise and opinions as I do theirs. I recommend them highly.

Greg Mathews
The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert


Nyrie is a personable and passionate marketing professional. I had the opportunity to work with Nyrie and the team on an online review for our business. Her marketing approach was considered, insightful and helpful. Nyrie has a great depth of marketing experience and expertise and clearly puts the needs of her clients first. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with Nyrie and the team again.

Concrete Scanning Services Pty Ltd